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Youth Council Past Projects


In 2001, the City Council directed the Youth Council to develop a Youth Master Plan. In conjunction with City staff, the Youth Council established a set of long-term and short-term goals intended to serve as a blueprint for city organizations to establish objectives, set benchmarks, and work together to foster youth participation within the community. Throughout the four year process, the City engaged with as many community stakeholders as possible to better provide the youth of La Cañada Flintridge with a supportive environment to develop the skills and qualities necessary for future success. Please click here to view the Youth Master Plan.


In 2009, the La Cañada Flintridge Youth Council spearheaded an effort to stop the selling of tobacco to minors through the issuance of a Tobacco Retailers License. A Tobacco Retailers License is required in addition to a business license for businesses that sale tobacco products such as cigarettes. To apply, simply submit the application with payment to the Administration Department at City Hall. Questions regarding the Tobacco Retailers License should be address to the Administration Department at 818-790-8880.