City Staff Directory

Administration Department  
(818) 790-8880
City Manager Mark R. Alexander
Director of Administrative Services Carl Alameda
City Clerk Tania Moreno
Division Manager
Ann Wilson
Management Analyst    
Christina Nguyen
Division Manager Arabo Parseghian
Administrative Clerk Arpi Yesayan
Administrative Clerk Jozette Karaguozian
Administrative Intern
Management Aide
Administrative Technician
Victoria Rocha
Chris Golder

Community Development Department
Planning Division  (818) 790-8881
Director of Community Development Susan Koleda
Deputy Director of Community Development Vacant
Planner Chris Gjolme
Senior Management Analyst Lisa Brancheau
Assistant Planner Harriet Harris
Assistant Planner Gary Yesayan
Clerk Typist Mary Jo Hanold
Code Enforcement Officer David Rodriguez
Planning Intern Emil Barkhordarian
Community Development Department
Building & Safety Division  (818) 790-8651
Building & Safety Office Manager Nader Samaan
Building Inspector Joseph Rojas
Building Inspector Leticia Torres
Permit Tech Heather Martell
Permit Tech Yure Lee Lim 

Finance Department  
(818) 790-8880           818-790-7536 fax
Director of Finance Rebekka Hosken
Senior Accountant Winnie Fung
Senior Administrative Aide Susan Bertness
Account Clerk Susan Wolfson
Public Works Department  
(818) 790-8882
           818-790-8897 fax
Interim Director of Public Works Jesus Armas
City Engineer Hoon Hahn
Project Manager Nasser Shoushtarian, P.E.
Project Designer Vincent Tran
Traffic Engineer Farhad Iranitalab, T.E.
Public Works Inspector Brad Smith
Senior Management Analyst II Mary Goytia Strauss
Senior Management Analyst I Paddy Taber
Facilities & Maintenance Superintendent Gonzalo Venegas
Management Aide Jackson Dodd
Clerk Typist Linda Baragona
City Council Appointees

City Manager Mark R. Alexander
City Attorney
Mark W. Steres
City Treasurer Jeffrey Wang

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