Street Repairs

Despite being only approximately 8.5 square miles in size, the City is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the condition of the over 110 miles of streets within its boundaries. 
Each year, the City receives reports from Los Angeles County on the condition of each street. To ensure proper and timely maintenance of these streets, the Citywide Street Resurfacing Program systematically prioritizes and conducts the resurfacing and repairs of several street segments. The number of miles resurfaced each year is dependent upon street conditions and the approved budget for the program. For Fiscal Year 2016-17, for example, the City Council approved $1,250,000, which will allow the resurfacing of roughly 3.31 miles of streets.

For fiscal years 2015-17, the Citywide Street Resurfacing Program is partially funded by a grant from CalRecycle. 

In addition, to the Resurfacing Program, the City also addresses calls for pot holes and other minor conditions with their street 
maintenance program.  To report a pot hole or any other street related issue please use our online service request system.