Animal Control

Animal Control

Rules for the keeping of animals may be found in the City's Municipal Code, Title 11.  For licensing, impounding, sale, and exhibition of animals, the City follows the County of Los Angeles' Animal Code.  Fees are set by the City Council by resolution. The City contracts with the Pasadena Humane Society (PHS) for various animal related services, including dog licensing. Citizens may borrow animal traps from City Hall or rent from PHS.


Dog Licenses

State and local laws require that all dogs 4 months of age and older must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed.

NOTE:Tags and licenses issued by other cities are NOT acceptable.

Dog licenses help both dogs and owners, as follows: 

1. Dogs that are found can be identified and reunited with their owner faster.
2. PHS animal control officers will attempt to deliver dogs they find back to their homes.
3. Licensed dogs picked-up by PHS receive a longer care period.  When found, licensed dogs will be cared for at the PHS for 10 days (longer than a dog without a license).

Dog licenses may be obtained at any time and are valid for 12 months.  Dogs must be 4 months of age or older and have had their rabies vaccination. Though tags are permanent, licenses must be renewed every year.

License applications are available at City Hall, or by clicking here.

If your dog is impounded wearing a current LCF license, PHS will try to contact you immediately based on current information available. Please call PHS at 626-792-7151 ext. 115 to update your contact information if you move or change telephone numbers. PHS will engrave your dog's name and phone number on the back of the license tag for a $5 fee.

Animal Traps

Traps for troublesome visitors such as skunks, racoons and possums are available at City Hall for a two-week loan period. Once you catch your visitor, PHS may be contacted for pick up.

Traps are available at City Hall during normal business hours. Call (818) 790-8880 to reserve a trap. You will be asked to fill out an application form and make a $100 returnable deposit.

PHS also has information on deterring wildlife on their website. Click here for more information.


Residents have divided opinions on the the local peafowl (peacocks and peahens) population.  Some residents like the birds, others some would rather see them at the zoo.  While the peafowl help control the snail and rattlesnake population, they also can be very noisy and rather messy.  The City manages the peafowl population with a peafowl management plan that was established with community input. This plan calls for an annual census of the peafowl flock to determine the population.  If the flock exceeds 9 birds, the City will trap and relocate a portion of the flock.

To discourage peafowl on your property, turn on your sprinklers intermittently or spray the birds with a hose (peafowl do not like water).  Peafowl like animal food so please do not leave pet bowls in accessible places. Dogs and cats will likewise discourage peafowl from entering your property.


Coyotes are part of the foothills landscape, but coyotes are wild animals and should be treated with caution.  Most conflicts between humans and coyotes may be avoided by taking several actions: 1) never feed coyotes or attempt to befriend them; 2) do not leave pet food outside over night; 3) keep garbage in a sturdy container with a tight lid; 4) consider keeping your pets indoors if coyotes are present in your neighborhood; and 6) spay or neuter your dogs.  For more information or assistance with problem coyotes, contact the County of Los Angeles Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measure Department at (626) 575-5462. 


Bees/hives on private property can be removed by hiring a bee control service company.  Click here for a list of bee control companies.  If the bee problem is observed on public property contact the City's Public Works Department at 818-790-8882.