General Plan

A City's General Plan is the "blue print" for future development. The General Plan guides the pattern of land development, including residential, commercial and recreational uses and how to get from here to there! It describes how the City will grow or change over time, and is the mechanism by which community character is preserved and enhanced. The General Plan is the document that contains the official policies that guide the development of the City.

General Plan Annual Progress Report (03-02-15)

Housing Element Annual Progress Report (03-02-15)


The General Plan was adopted on January 22, 2013 - City Council Resolution No. 13-01 The Housing Element was updated and adopted on February 10, 2014 - City Council Resolution No. 14-04 (Housing Element)


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General Plan

Title    Acknowledgements    Contents    Executive Summary   

1 - Introduction (2412k)

2 - Land Use Element (5206k)

3 - Open Space/Recreation Element (2848k)

4 - Conservation Element (5095k)

5 - Safety Element (39582k)

6 - Circulation Element (3366k)

7 - Noise Element (3593k)

8 - Air Quality Element (1437k)

9 - Housing Element (as updated February 10, 2014) (5579k)

10 - References (1156k)

FINAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT - Consists of the Draft EIR, Modifications to the Draft EIR, the Response to Comments, the Statement of Overriding Considerations and the Mitigation Monitoring Program

Final Environmental Impact Report (16021k) [References changes to DEIR below]