Commercial Design Guidelines

The City conducts review of the design of commercial properties in order to:
  1. Improve and enhance the appearance of existing and planned public and private buildings within the commercial zones; develop streetscape plans and criteria for improving the appearance of existing and planned public and private open spaces on Foothill Boulevard and other locations as directed by the city council;
  2. Encourage the orderly and harmonious, yet varied appearance of commercial and multifamily residential structures and property within the city, including signs, landscaping, parking areas, and open space areas;
  3. Protect and enhance the public health, safety, general welfare, and property and improvement values throughout the city;
  4. Ensure that new development does not have an adverse impact in terms of aesthetics, health, or safety upon existing adjoining properties, or the city in general; and 
  5. Preserve and enhance the particular character and unique assets of the city and its commercial districts, as described in the general plan.

Design review is conducted by the Design Commission and is applicable to:

1. Nonresidential Projects.
a. Any project involving construction of, or exterior change to, any building, where such change requires a building permit;
b. Any building repainted or partially repainted;
c. Any permanent signage;
d. Awnings visible from a public right-of-way;
e. Outdoor furniture visible from a public right-of-way;
f. Landscaping.
2. Residential Planned Development.
3. City Projects.
4. Referred Projects.

To aid applicants in addressing commercial design, the City has created the Design Options Manual as a guide document for development outside the Village Center of the Downtown Village Specific Plan (DVSP). Within the Village Center, development is guided by Chapter 7 of the DVSP.