Community Design

La Cañada Flintridge encourages overall development of the community in a manner which is visually pleasing, which preserves and enhances the semi-rural character of the local environment, and which protects the scenic qualities of the community. It is through cooperation between government and the commercial sector that the City encourages a thriving, well designed, aesthetically pleasing commercial area, preserving a strong tax base, compatible with the residential nature of the surrounding community.

In order to better define the desired aesthetic, the City has established standards and guidance for the design and development of commercial facilities and residences which enhance the City's appearance, aesthetic qualities and business potential. The City has:

  • Adopted and implemented a Hillside Development Ordinance into which are incorporated design criteria ensuring development of hillside properties in a manner and quality consistent with the existing community character.
  • Established architectural guidance for projects which involve construction of a home(s) on natural or man-made slopes in excess of (40) percent.
  • Adopted a Tree Ordinance to assure preservation of all significant trees.
  • Adopted architectural design, landscaping and signing standards; and established an architectural review process for all commercial development.
The City also provides a COMMERCIAL PROPERTY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM providing City-funded grants for partial reimbursement for exterior enhancements that contribute to improved aesthetics and appearance on Foothill Boulevard and other commercial streets. [Application]