Banner Permits

Permits can be issued to hang banners in the City to promote various events and activities.

Caltrans Overpass Parking Lot

The City has made the fence fronting Foothill Boulevard along the Caltrans Overpass parking lot at 1300 Foothill Boulevard available for signs and banners announcing community events.

The appearance and material of the signs are regulated by Resolution No. 18-16, including the following:

  • Maximum size is 3 feet by 16 feet. Smaller signs are allowed.
  • Signs cannot be made of paper, metal, steel, or other alloy.
  • Signs cannot be black or have a dark background.

The length of time and number of signs is also regulated:

  • No more than two community event signs at any one time.
  • Permits are for seven days.
  • An applicant may reapply for an additional seven days if there are no other applications for that time period.
  • No reservations are allowed.
  • Applications are not permitted more than three weeks before a scheduled event.

To post a sign or banner, complete the application form and submitted to the Administrative Services Department at City Hall.

Street Light Poles

The City Council has adopted a policy and procedure for authorizing the installation of banners on Southern California Edison street light poles along Foothill Boulevard to promote City-sponsored community events. These poles have been utilized to advertise various community events, including: Fiesta Days and the Farmers’ Market.

The number, appearance, and size are regulated by Resolution 12-05, as follows:

  • Maximum size is 3’ x 6’
  • Banners can be any material except wood, metal, steel or other alloy.
  • No more than 25% of the surface area shall be used to display a commercial sponsorship
  • A maximum of 50% of the poles from Biggs Avenue to Oak Grove Drive may be used.

The time for permitting and hanging the banners is also regulated by City Resolution:

  • Permits are valid for thirty days.
  • Applications may be submitted up to six months prior to the event, but at least sixty days prior to the installation.
  • Not more than four permits may be issued during the calendar year.