Winery Channel Trailhead

The Winery Channel Trailhead is located at the southwest corner of Foothill Boulevard and Indiana Avenue, offering convenient parking accessed from Foothill Boulevard that can be used as a staging area for various trail users.  

The Trailhead is approximately 1.5 acres that incorporates water efficient “xeriscape” landscaping and rest areas consisting of benches and tables, and is an inviting access point to the City’s trail system for hikers, runners, bikers, and equestrians.

The Trailhead is named after the County-owned Winery Channel which the adjacent “Trails Council Link Trail" crosses immediately to the south.   Both the Winery Channel and 210 Freeway presented a break in the City’s trail system that prevented the core circular trail from being completed.  Former City Councilmember and trail user Gregory C. Brown discovered an existing “utility flume” that crossed both the 210 Freeway and Channel.  After a multi-year effort working with Caltrans, Southern California Edison, and the Trails Council, the City was able to successfully open the Link Trail using the “flume” to cross the Winery Channel and 210 Freeway, thus connecting the core circular trail together.