Joint Use Committee

The Joint Use Committee is comprised of representatives of the La Cañada Unified School District (LCUSD) and the City of La Cañada Flintridge.  The purpose of the Joint Use Committee is to advise both the City Council and LCUSD Board on matters related to the shared use and management of school facilities for the public's benefit (non-school related activities).  Through a Joint Use Agreement (Agreement) between the City and LCUSD, sports groups are able to use school athletic fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts for organized play.  In addition, the Agreement allows the community to use the Lanterman Auditorium for musical and theatrical performances, ceremonies, and other large scale meetings.   The Information Resource Center at La Cañada High School is also available to the community, through the Agreement, for after-school hours studying, computers use, accessing the internet, quiet reading, and borrowing books.

Committee Membership:  The Joint Use Committee membership does include elected officials, with two (2) members of the La Canada Unified School District Governing Board and two (2) members of the City of La Cañada Flintridge City Council.   The Committee membership also includes one (1) representative from the City’s Parks & Recreation Commission, one (1) representative from the La Canada Sports Coalition, LCUSD key staff members, and City of La Canada key staff members.   Members of the Joint Use Committee may serve on one of the City’s other seven (7) Commissions/Committees simultaneously (the Committee’s representative from the Parks and Recreation Commission will by default serve on both the Joint Use Committee and Parks & Recreation Commission).  Other than City Council members, persons elected to any office may serve as a City Commissioner except as provided by Government Code section 1099 and/or any other applicable law.

Compensation:  Joint Use Committee Members do not receive any compensation.

For more information on the Joint Use Committee, contact the Administration Department at (818) 790-8880.


Generally, the Joint Use Committee meets on the fourth Thursday of odd numbered months at 8:30 am in City Hall - One Civic Center Drive.

Joint Use Committee Agendas            Joint Use Committee Minutes

 ContactJoint Use Committee staff liaison, Mark Alexander , City Manager; (818) 790-8880.