Doing Business in LCF

Welcome to La Cañada Flintridge and the opportunity of that makes community life here so unique.  To have a thriving business in La Cañada Flintridge means becoming involved in your community.

With more than 350 businesses in our main business corridor, and over 400 home-based businesses, LCF merchants are decision-makers at the forefront of issues affecting community life.  Through extensive participation in volunteer and civic activities, our business leaders help to direct and plan our community's future.

According to a survey conducted by the LCF Business Support and Development Committee (BSDC), over 500,000 volunteer hours are spent yearly to support community programs and community life.  This outstanding statistic not only defines our community, but shows the extent to which service is necessary in maintaining our high quality of life.

Because most of our community businesses fall under the SBA classification of small businesses (those with 250 employees or less), joining our business community is not complex.  The City's permitting process is quick and easy.  Although zoning laws do not allow industrial uses or heavy manufacturing, a variety of retail and commercial uses are permitted though space is quite limited.

The BSDC serves as the voice of business by maintaining active communications with the City.   The BSDC also works with neighboring chambers and other regional planning groups to ensure ongoing prosperity throughout our region.  The BSDC serves as a liaison with dozens of action groups, committees, and ad hoc groups to monitor local, state, and federal events and legislation that affects business here.  And of course, the BSDC constantly works with the City's leaders to enhance and improve our business environment.

The BSDC has worksheets with information on the following topics: getting a business license, the feasibility of starting your business here, how to get signage approval, whether you will need a conditional use permit or variance, how to get City grants to help give your storefront a face lift, how to apply for a D.B.A, how to apply for a loan, and how to determine whether additional state licensing might be needed.

For specific information on how to start a business in LCF or to understand the overall business environment, please call the Chamber's office at (818) 790-4289, or send an email to  A member of the Chamber staff or BSDC will respond as quickly as possible.