2013 Citywide Street Resurfacing Program

posted May 10, 2013, 12:23 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 10, 2013, 12:38 PM ]
The City has initiated its annual street resurfacing program for 2013.  Every year the City selects several streets in most need of resurfacing and performs work, such as: cold milling; paving with asphalt rubber hot mix and asphaltic concrete; curb and gutter removal and installation; and replacement of traffic striping, raised pavement markers, traffic signal loops, and curb address painting.  The streets included in this year's program are:
  • Haskell Street (Vista Del Valle to end)
  • El Vago Street (Haskell Street to end)
  • Harter Lane (Angeles Crest Highway to end)
  • Pizzo Ranch Road (Harter Lane to end)
  • Valley Crest Street (Princess Anne Road to Green Crest Road)
  • Green Crest Road (Valley Crest Street to Green Lane)
  • Green Lane (Princess Anne Road to Green Crest Road)
  • Hill Street (Olive Lane to Flanders Road)
  • Flanders Road (La Cañada Boulevard to Hill Street)
  • Salisbury Road (La Cañada Boulevard to Hill Street)
  • Salisbury Court (Angeles Crest Highway to end)
  • Orange Knoll Avenue (Craig Avenue to end)
  • Rinetti Lane (Foothill Boulevard to end)
  • Ocean View Boulevard (Foothill Boulevard to 190 feet s/o Foothill Boulevard)
  • Normandy Court (Normandy Drive to end)
  • Normandy Lane (Normandy Drive to end)
  • Normandy Drive (Inverness Drive to City limits)
For more information on the 2013 Citywide Street Resurfacing Program, view the Staff Report or contact the Public Works Department at (818) 790-8882.