Investment & Finance Advisory Committee

The Investment and Financing Advisory Committee provides advice on matters related to the management of the City's investment portfolio. This includes the development of and monitoring of compliance with the City's Investment Policy , and the design of investment strategies and tactics to facilitate realization of the City's financial goals and objectives.

The Committee also provides advice related to the City's cash management procedures and practices, including cash flow forecasting and analysis support to enhance liquidity and investment portfolio management. Additionally, the Committee is available to provide advisory support on debit issuance and management.

Qualifications:  Each Committee Member shall be a resident of the City and shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the City Council.  Members of the Investment and Financing Advisory Committee shall not serve on one of the City’s other seven (7) Commissions/Committees simultaneously (with the exception of the Joint Use Committee).  Other than City Council members, persons elected to any office may serve as a City Commissioner except as provided by Government Code section 1099 and/or any other applicable law.

Compensation:  Investment and Financing Advisory Committee Members do not receive any compensation.


The Investment & Financing Advisory Committee meets quarterly on the third Friday of January, April, July, & October at 7:30 AM in City Hall. Correspondence to the Committee may be sent to City Hall.

Investment & Financing Advisory Committee Agendas

Investment & Financing Advisory Committee Minutes

 ContactInvestment & Finance Committee staff liaison, Carl Alameda , Director of Administrative Services; (818) 790-8880.

City Treasurer
Jeffrey Wang

Brad Schwartz

Gene Stein


Michael McConnell


Scott Swanson

Charles Thuss