City Council Representative Assignements


The City Council meets regularly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers of the La Cañada Flintridge City Hall. Special meetings are held as needed to discuss specific topics.

Agendas are published and posted at least 72 hours prior to regular meetings and at least 24 hours prior to special meetings as required by State law. E-mail subscription service is available.

Minutes of the meetings are posted as soon as they have been approved by the City Council.

Regular Meetings are broadcast live on Government Access Television , which is Charter Cable Channel 16 (west of Angeles Crest Highway) or 3 (east of Angeles Crest Highway.)

DVD's of the regular meetings are available for check-out at the La Cañada Flintridge Public Library.

Agency Representative
  Delegate Alternate
Arroyo Verdugo Steering Committee Spence Del Guercio
Arroyo Verdugo Transportation Subcommittee Spence Olhasso
California Contract Cities Association Olhasso Spence
Chamber of Commerce Davitt Voss
BSDC Representative Olhasso Voss
League of California Cities Voss Spence
North Corridor Cities MTA Representative Olhasso Voss
San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments Spence Olhasso
SCAG General Assembly Spence Voss
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Voss Davitt
Youth Council Liaison Davitt Voss
City Selection Committee (Mayoral requirement) Spence  
Council Committee Assignments
  Delegate Delegate
Audit Subcommittee Voss Spence
Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee on Local Water Issues Voss Spence
Legal Subcommittee* Del Guercio Voss
Community Center Construction Committee Del Guercio Olhasso
Rockridge Terrace Subcommittee Voss Davitt
Sewer Subcommittee Voss Olhasso
Septic Subcommittee Del Guercio Ohlasso
Soundwalls Subcommittee Del Guercio Voss
Specific Plan Subcommitte Del Guercio Davitt
Hillside & Open Space Subcommitte Davitt Olhasso
Historic Preservation Ad Hoc Committee Voss  
* The Legal Committee provides advice and makes recommendations to the staff and/or full City Council on pending small claims matters, risk management practices and proposed amicus participation.
Outside Agency Appointments
Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) Spence
National League of Cities - CA Small Cities Rep. Spence
CA Joint Powers Insurance Auth. Exec. Comm. Spence
SGVCOG Transportation Committee  
SGVCOG Housing Trust Fund Task Force Olhasso
Chair - LA Co. Sanitation District 28 Spence
Chair - LA Co. Sanitation District 34 Olhasso
L.A. Division - Leasgue of Calif. Cities (AVSC Rep.) Voss
SCAG Transportation Committee Spence
SCAG Community Housing & Economic Development Olhasso
SCAG Regional Council District #36 Representative Voss
PCC Bond Oversight Committee Olhasso
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