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El Niño Preparedness

posted May 17, 2016, 3:52 PM by Arabo Parseghian
In preparation for El Niño, the City is providing the following information to residents to assist with any questions:

LA County Flood Control, at a request from the City, assigned Gary Guo who will be responsible for scheduling onsite visits and providing engineering advice to residents when needs arise. Residents can either call Mr. Guo at (626) 458-6342 or email him at

Representatives from LA County Flood Control presented information on how residents can prepare for the upcoming El Niño.  Please click here for an electronic copy of the presentation.  

In addition, the State of California Department of Insurance asked the City to share important information about insurance coverage with residents.  Please click here to view the information.  

For home preparations, sand and sandbags are now available to residents at the following locations with 24-hour access:

  • LA County Fire Station #19 (1729 Foothill Blvd.) - sandbags only
  • LA County Fire Station #82 (352 Foothill Blvd.) - sandbags only
  • Camp 2 (4810 N. Oak Grove Dr.) - sandbags only
  • Mayors' Discovery Park (1800 Foothill Blvd.) - sand & sandbags
  • Paradise Valley (at community sign adjacent to 5489 Ocean View Blvd.) - sand & sandbags
  • Haskell Street (across from 1035 White Deer Ln.) - sand & sandbags